The Painting Begins

I don't know what this means.... it was done in a moment of paint fume induced delirium.

So, the transformation has finally begun! Last Thursday we started the priming process at Landon and Kate’s house.  At this stage, we will be focusing on getting the living and dining room space and the kitchen painted. The bedroom,bathroom  and hallway will come a little later.

Just getting the walls primed instantly made the space feel so much brighter! Of course, we don’t want them to stay that way, but obliterating the depressing brown enabled us to visualize what the rooms would look like with a lighter hue.  Landon and Kate wanted to stick with a pretty neutral paint color for the living room, and chose a few shades of beige and had samples mixed. They put them up on the wall to see how they would look during the day and at night.  Today we chose the winner, Behr’s Autumn Beige, and Landon and Kate will start the big task of taping the moulding so they can get the color up.

Just priming the walls shows us how much larger the kitchen will feel with a lighter color. Landon and Kate are leaning towards a buttery yellow.
Don't mind the clutter, they just moved in! Landon and Kate already have some great antique furniture in various wood tones. The pieces will look so much better against a warm and neutral background than they would have with the original brown. An area rug will eventually help differentiate the wood table and chairs from the flooring.
A look at the paint colors. The winner is the first one in the line up, Behr's Autumn Beige. I recommend a satin or eggshell finish for cleanability and durability in main living spaces. Kitchen and bathrooms should get a semigloss.

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