Pretty, Sort of Easy, Pillows

Yes, they are so pretty and they were pretty easy too.  Not super easy though.  Last night I got together with a couple of my girls and we made pillows.  Lora bought the cutest birdie fabric at JoAnn’s, and we repurposed a couple of my old pillow forms, giving them new life and giving her living room lots of zing. We sewed at Candace’s house, since she’s got a sewing machine, and no sleeping baby to wake. A little wine and some snacks, great conversation, a couple of missteps, and a novice seamstress, and we still finished two pillows in about two hours.

The reason I say that they were not “super” easy, is due to the large repeat in the pattern of the fabric, we had to pay close attention when cutting out the front pieces.  It just takes a little more time.  For the backs, we used two separate pieces, overlapping them to create a secret way to get the cover on and off. I have just discovered that this really is the best way to make pillow covers, so you can avoid having to sew up the outside, and they can be easily washed.

Here is the fabric we used from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts:

Oslo Amethyst fabric by KAS. $34.99/yard.

And this is how great they turned out. Keep in mind that they are not in place at Lora’s in her little swivel tub chairs, but rather, freshly sewn and sitting on Candace’s sofa for their first photo shoot.

The large-scale of the print makes it totally modern. Earthy purples, browns and mustard will add lots of color to Loras living room.

In the spirit of crafty pillow making, I am almost done with my own at home. I just had a couple of issues with the amount of yardage I had cut, and I need to find another fabric for one more pillow, but I promise to post about those very soon!

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