Oilcloth Madness

Thanks Country Living for your current bargain focused issue!  Its bursting to tons of budget friendly decorating ideas.  I was particularly taken with the Bruns family feature.  Designer Lynn-Anne Bruns has turned her children into helpful little bargain hunters, and her daughter Caroline is quite the talent. Caroline’s bedroom is wallpapered with oilcloth.  So cute!  Although I probably won’t staple oilcloth to the walls of my apartment, I was inspired when I went online and saw just how many pretty oilcloth prints are out there. Here is a sampling.

So many fun options!

I found all of these and more on oilclothbytheyard.com for between $8 and $9 per yard.  Seeing that so many great patterns and colors available has got me thinking of little projects I could do to use them. One idea is to make a little placemat to protect my table where Thomas eats, since at this stage most of the mush ends up on the outside, not in his tummy!

Thomas makes a mess of the table when using his space-saving hook on high chair!

I also saw this project on design*sponge a little while back, and think it would look cute to make some of these storage bins for the changing table, and the kitchen.

Bins like these made out of oilcloth would look cute anywhere really, bathroom, kitchen, office, craft room, babys room...

About ten years ago, my mom and I made cute reusable lunch bags out of it.  It still looks pretty good, although momentarily it’s lost in storage. Anyone else have any creative ideas for using oilcloth? I think I’ll start with the placemat project, now I just have to decide which print to use!


  1. What a clever high chair. I love that you guys have been so selective about what you buy Thomas. It seems to easy to have a home that ends up looking like a preschool classroom if you’re not careful. Kudos!

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