Spring Sprigs

Springs blooms will be ready for the cutting soon! Photo from makeitworkmom.com.

Get ready for spring color!

Here is an edited, affordable collection of some pretty vessels for enjoying spring’s fresh growth indoors.

Purchase any of these vases online!

Cable-knit Vases (Tricot Collection) starting at just $8 and Kiri Jars from $12, from the Home Port.

Burlap Vase Collection priced from $8-$45 from Jayson Home and Garden based out of Chicago.

You can buy these beauties online too, or better yet, stop into the local shops that carry them.

Roost Facet Vases from Velocity Art and Design in South Lake Union. Priced at $34-$62.05 on SALE until April 30.*

Collapsible plastic vases in six colors at Far 4 in Downtown Seattle. Buy one of each color, they are priced at just $7 each.

Now, just head outside, snip off a sprig of something and bring it inside to enjoy the instant and gratifying freshness of  a new start.  Happy Spring!

*Please check with the store beforehand to make sure that the vases are carried in store as well as online=)

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