Flea Market Chics

Flea Market Chics. These gals have got a great little shop going.  It’s chock full of incredible vintage furniture and accessories at fantastic prices. I just wish it was in Seattle.  Amber Homa and Heather Erwin used to have a regular space at the Fremont Market, but are no longer making the trek from Bremerton due to logistics. However, if  you can ferry it over to Bremerton, which I highly suggest you do, they will make it worth your while by giving Seattleites a 10% discount.  I benefited from this on Saturday, when I purchased three great finds, and would have bought more- much more, if it had been in my budget.

Take a look at what I found and how I put them to use in my apartment.

Chair $30, Lampshade $12, rustic clip lamp $8. Like I said, great prices!
I have been searching for a desk chair for at least 7 months. This one is a Hickory Chair, which is built to last. Its femininity and graceful lines are an unexpected pairing with my rusty, industrial desk.
I switched out the lamp on the end table for the one that was previously at the desk. Then, I put the new shade on it. The linen shade adds a softer light to read by and looks more congruent with the table lamp on the other side of the sofa. I have never really liked the black lamp with its harsh white shade, and will eventually replace it. For now, it illuminates my work area at the desk.
My favorite purchase is the one I had no plans for. I think it adds an artistic element while lighting my Uncles photography. I just love it here.

And here’s a few images from their website.  The store’s hours are sort of limited, but you can always call and purchase things over the phone.  They also frequently list their stuff on Craigslist.

A sampling of what Flea Market Chics in Bremerton has to offer. All photos and pricing directly from their website.

The shop was absolutely bustling with people when I was there over the weekend.  A super relaxed vibe though, customers were sitting and chatting at the dining tables while sipping the complimentary coffee. Ladies, if I still lived in Bremerton, I would be your most regular and loyal customer  because you’ve made it so affordable and fun to shop at your store.  I guess it’s probably better that I am not just down the street- I’d spend every penny I’ve got, but I would have the cutest house!

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