Internet Pinboard!

A place to pin down your visual inspiration.

I am a newly pinned member of Pinterest.  Pinterest is an online tool by which you can pin photos that you see online to a virtual pinboard.  I am so excited, and plan on using this as a place to store and track my ideas for Landon and Kate’s house. The three of us have been emailing photos that are inspiring back and forth, and I think I may have found a way for us to save them all in one place. On Pinterest, you can create a board and name it appropriately, and share it with others via facebook, twitter, and of course, Pinterest. As far as I can tell, the site is just getting going and is still in beta, meaning you have to be invited to join.  I am sure that will change very soon, but there is a way to get on board. I simply requested an invitation, and about a week later, I received one via email.

You can type descriptions with the images to capture what you like about it!

I created a pinboard for kitchen ideas, and plan on making one for each room of their house, then they can go in there and add to them, and write their own comments. Of course, I will also use it for myself as a spot to collect images I find that are inspiring.  It’s also really fun to browse around and look at what others have created.  Total eye candy.  Another way to fritter away your day online!  Just what we needed right?

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