Thoughts About Home

Each of these pieces has special meaning to my husband and I. The large painting was done by our best man as a wedding gift. The landscape on top is of Mirror Lake at Mt. Rainier, inherited by my grandmother from central Illinois. The watercolor on the bottom was done by Chris's great great grandfather in Madison, WI.

I was totally inspired by a post on Apartment Therapy yesterday afternoon.  Creating a home is just that- a creative process.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and the feeling of “home” can’t be purchased as a furniture suite from Pottery Barn. That feeling must be cultivated over time.  It’s in a teapot inherited from your grandmother, a photo you took while on your honeymoon, the painting your friend made as a wedding gift, your ever growing book or record collection.  A home that really reflects the personality of its family, blends together objects collected over time with new ones, and consists of spaces that are loved and used, not just put together for show.

When I mentioned in my first post on Landon and Kate’s new house, that I would blog about the process from beginning to end, I didn’t mean “the end”. What I should have said, is, “until they no longer need my help”. Because when you are nesting, there truly is no moment of completion.  Its an ongoing event. Things will change over the course of your home’s life with you.  A room that once served as a home office will become a nursery, that nursery will become a toddler’s room and then a teenage crash pad. Your color preferences will evolve, your furniture might wear out, your garden will grow and mature. Your house is a home because you live in it. That’s the beauty of interior design- the process is never totally over, so I will always have something new to work on.  I’m just glad I get to share it with you!

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