New Beginnings

Oh I am so excited!  One of my most amazing friends just got engaged to a wonderful woman AND they bought a great old house in an awesome Seattle neighborhood. AND, they want my help getting started on creating the perfect nest! I couldn’t be happier for the two of them, since I know what a blessing it is to be married to someone you dearly adore and what a privilege being a homeowner is. Friends, I can’t think of a better thing to blog about.  I plan to track this project from its very beginning to its completion, and you get to follow us along the way! We’ll talk about choosing paint colors, new furniture and accessories, floor plans and furniture arranging, and how to make the best of the space and stuff they’ve got. I know that some of you out there will be able to relate and hopefully find some useful tips on this journey!

Here’s a sneak peek of Landon and Kate’s new house:

How great is this house? It already has loads of curb appeal, and there's plenty of room for a bench or a pair of chairs on the porch for enjoying the beautiful neighborhood.
The large combined living and dining space offer endless possibilities for furniture arranging. It's great that a house of this age has such a nice open concept. The dark brown walls, however, will have to be painted out. A lighter, more neutral hue will really make the gorgeous hardwood floors pop.
The largest bedroom is not that big, but has a nice sized closet. Creativity with furniture selection and placement will be key. The home's only bath is a good size though, and recently updated. A fun shower curtain and rug will add personality in here, maybe a new paint color as well.
This kitchen has great potential, especially with its little nook with a view of the pretty backyard. It definitely needs a lighter paint color though.
The finished basement provides lots of extra room to grow. A media room is planned for the main space and an office for the converted garage. The french doors let in an incredible amount of light. Area rugs down here will help cozy up the rooms.

I am really looking forward to helping such great friends as they begin these happy new adventures together. I’ve asked them to do a little thinking, dreaming and looking to pinpoint what inspires them, so I can assist them in creating a home they will love for a long time. They move in at the end of the month, but we’ll definitely have things to post about before then.  Please check back in to see what their next step will be!


  1. Oh wow!!! This is fantastic! Please share photos of what you three’ll make out of it… I’m so curious 😉
    I love the colour of the house. And the inside looks very bright and sunny…

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