Create a Closet

This apartment has one closet.  There are three of us and two cats.  There was nowhere for the kitty pan, mops and brooms, so I HAD to get creative. So, utilizing a tight corner and a pair of sheers on a tension rod, I created a closet! I’ll show you what it looks like, but not too close…Nobody really wants to look at any of that stuff anyways, right?

What's behind that lovely pair of sheers from World Market?
This not-so-lovely gathering of utilitarian items and the kitty box.
Stop right there! That is as close as you are going to get. I don't want anyone to see the layer of dust on my Swiffer Wet Jet!

The curtains actually serve another purpose: a little added privacy.  One has to pass right in front of this door to get to the bathroom. I used to feel like the neighbors behind us could see me in my bathrobe!

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