Sassy, Small Deck Furniture

Our tiny outdoor area is more like a fire escape than a real deck, but there is a little room out there for a table and a couple of chairs. I’m tired of the predictable black, wrought iron looking stuff, so I went online in search of a peppier alternative.  I found some great stuff at Crate & Barrel, at great prices. I’m not totally ready to order, since there may be a move in our future, and I don’t want to add more stuff to the mix right now, so I’m waiting just a bit longer. Here’s what I found:

The table folds, the stools are easy to stow and the chairs stack!

Foldaway Dining Table: in Green or White $219 (Online/catalog only).

Surf Dining Chair: In Green, Magenta, Charcoal and Caliente $99.95 each.

Flamingo Stool: in Orange, Green, Yellow, White, Aqua and Blue, just $15.95 (Online only).

All of them offer great style impact for really good prices.  A great way to add color to your small outdoor space!


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