Mirror Missteps

The mirror project sort of took on a life of its own.  It put me in a bad mood for about 24 hours.  Let me recap the mishap for you.  Initially I thought it would be fun to add some of that brilliant cerulean blue color from the inspiration photograph I used last week.  In that post, I even cautioned that a color that strong and tropical might just look a little out-of-place in Seattle.  I thought using it in small doses would be more appropriate.  I may have been wrong. This is the color I tried first on each of the mirrors:


The bright teal simply looks out-of-place in my white-walled apartment.


Yamahama! What was I thinking? This might have worked with textured deep khaki grass cloth as a backdrop, but not against white.

So, the teal thing didn’t pan out… it added a pop of color, sure, but I also felt suddenly transported into a Technicolor dream.  So, back to the store I went, and I bought a light blue paint and a burnt umber, just in case. Here is a photo of what the second attempt at color looked like:


I mixed the light blue with the teal... bad idea. What, do I live in a Miami beach house or something? Geeze. Strike two!


I painted the round  mirror with one coat of this Jamaican turquoise, and this is when I started pulling out my hair. After considering painting the things just plain old brown, I finally decided to temper the light blue with the burnt umber, and got a much better effect. The blue is grayed down and easy on the eyes, but still punctuates the otherwise boring walls. At last, I am pleased!


A big improvement over the former dull faux pewter finish. And way, way better than the crazy teal. This mirror looks as if it belongs here.




Before: I might as well have left the wall empty. After: The soft blue pops the mirror just enough.




The light blue complements my current decor, and my kitty Max.









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