Chairs- Refreshed

Okay, so I always start out a weekend of projects in a very ambitious mode, and then let myself relax and get slightly derailed.  Additionally, things always need a little more time than I expect or I change course mid-project.  That said, I finished the chair backs in about five minutes, and am still working on both of the mirrors!

Simple chair "recovery" project using pretty napkins.

My solution for the cat-clawed, fraying and impossible -to-remove chair backs was simple.  I did not want to have to spend too much time or money on them, since really and truly, I find them very uncomfortable and have long term plans to replace them. I found these great napkins at Anthropologie. I was tired of so much of my stuff being super matchy-match, and they had just the patchy and eclectic vibe I was after. I simply wrapped them around the backs and used the fringe to tie the ends together.  Not a stitch required.  Plus, I can easily take them off to wash them, and when I finally trash the chairs, I’ve got a pair of super cute napkins left over!

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