Weekend Project Lineup

Well, I am finally ready to tackle a couple of projects I have been wanting to do, but just have not made the time for.  After recent inspiration from John Robshaw’s photos, the Undecorate book, and Kathryn M. Ireland’s textiles, I have tweaked what I had initially thought I wanted to do with these pieces.  My only hint to you: I am aiming towards color and character rather than neutral and predictable.

Pieces that will get reworked this weekend.

1. The dining chairs. Closer inspection would reveal that the backs of these chairs (of which I have two), have suffered the claws of my kitties and are a little worse for wear. However, the last time I recovered these chairs, the backs were so hard to remove and replace that I ended up trashing two of the set of four. So, my challenge is to come up a solution that does not require tools or sewing!

2. These mirrors are a little dull and fade into the background.  I want to jazz them up and turn them into focal points.

So there you have it, three seemingly simple DIY projects. I am sure I can get these things done, since I already have plans, but I still have to run out and get the supplies I need.  I’ll show you the results on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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