Beautiful Mirror Collage

Collected Memories Mirror from Anthropologie.

I am loving this amazing mirror collage from Anthropologie and want to recreate it on my own.  The concept itself is doable, but it would be almost impossible to recreate the patina on the frames and glass of these old found mirrors. To keep it within a small budget, I would have to use either old frames fitted with new mirror glass, and/or source new/used mirrors. Maybe I can find a chunk of really old glass at a salvage store and have it cut to size for empty frames from Value Village or something? I’m going to keep my eye out for battered and worn old mirrors and frames… I would LOVE to make this my next big project.


    1. i JUST saw this on the anthro website and decided to make this my next project… I was googling how to make a mirror collage when I came across this blog! Did you do it? Did it work??

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