Combining Prints

I have been trying to decide on the fabric for new pillow covers in the living room for weeks, maybe months.  I just can’t seem to make up my mind for fear that if I finally choose, something else will pop up that I love more!  I know that eventually I will make a slipcover for my ottoman, and also recover the dining room chairs. The dining room chairs are visible from the living room, so what I choose for them is relevant to the whole design scheme.  The trouble is, I keep waffling between what style I am after: either a cozy, weathered and worldly mix, or a preppier, more playful set of fabrics. Here are the fabrics I pulled together for each of those looks. All of the fabrics were found on Quilt Home.

All of these fabrics from Ty Pennington's Impressions collection work together beautifully. The large honeycomb print would be on the large sofa pillows. The grey and white "Angel Wings" print would cover the dining room chairs. The sqiggly stripe is for a small lumbar pillow and the "Moorish" spice and charcoal print would cover the ottoman. This is a subtle, warm, worn and subdued combination.
This set of fabrics is a little more whimsical and preppy. The aqua blue dominates with hits of yellow and greyish brown. The sofa pillows would be the torquoise and white damask, the dining chairs would be the floral with all colors. Ottoman would be covered in the taupe and white floral and small lumbar coverd in the blue dot.

It’s horrible to feel stuck, but this has been a great exercise in finding different prints that are compatible.  Building off of one fabric that you absolutely love, you can add layers of character to your surroundings. In general mixing up the scale and theme of the prints is the way to go, as  I have shown in the two different sets above.  Eventually I will make up my mind, but in the meantime, go ahead and weigh in on which direction you think I should choose. I would love a second opinion!



  1. I would go with the first selection that has the grey tones in some of the designs. I think the second selection is to cute.Good luck.

  2. I love the first collection, too!
    Momentually I am working on patchwork pillow covers, too, for my kitchen. Using vintage fabrics. You are so right, it is not simple to choose colours and patterns! Will post photos when they are ready. And, by the way, from now on I have english summaries of my blog entrys… I’d be very glad if you visit me now and then!


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