Modern Rusticity

I am absolutely smitten with Landpartie in Munich.  Kristina Stöckel, the store’s owner and brilliant buyer has honed in on an aesthetic that is as impressive as it is totally comfortable and livable. Take a moment to soak in the environment, with these photos from her store’s website. I am certain that to get her goods across the globe and into my home would cost a pretty penny, but there are plenty of design lessons to be learned from afar.

Photos from Kristina Stöckel by Landpartie website.

Tips for recreating this comfy, industrial modern and rustic mix at home:

1. Large statement pieces make a big impact, but don’t have to be impractical.  Take a look at what she uses for lighting, shelving and storage.

2. Crisp white linens on the bed or a clean lined sofa instantly create a serene and modern environment, even when surrounded by pieces with patina and age.

3. Mixing non-pedigreed antiques with contemporary artwork and rugs modernizes them, and creates interesting juxtapositions.

4. There is something infinitely timeless about a monochromatic color scheme, when it is punctuated with colorful accents and loads of texture.

Photos from Landpartie website.

Information from website regarding photographs:

Copyright Photos: 
Kristina Stöckel by Landpartie, Mirjam Fruscella, Mark Eden Schooley, 
Susanne Perk-Kuhlmann, Gervasoni, Verzelloni

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