A Softer Sofa


My sofa and its current pillows.


We have had our sofa for three years now.  During this time, my husband has consistently thrown the pillows off the couch and onto the floor in sheer annoyance.  I, impervious to his desire to have a pillowless existence, would place them back on the couch as soon as he vacated it. So, imagine  my surprise when two days ago he states: “Why doesn’t this couch have any real pillows?” I asked for clarification.  Well, as it turns out, Chris wishes we didn’t have a tight-back sofa, but rather, in his words would prefer a “regular sofa”.  He only dislikes the pillows because they are too small and silky, and he “can’t snuggle up to them”. Okay, so, I can deal with that.

I  had actually been planning on recovering a couple of them with more kid friendly fabric.  Now, my search has changed a little.  I need really big down pillow forms so I can make covers for them.  I have scouted some great deals on amazon.com, and have only to decide exactly how large to make them and what fabric to use.  The covers need to be washable and durable.  As far as style is concerned, I am indecisive.  Do I want something fun and bright, or soft and subdued?  Maybe a brown ticking stripe or a tea-stained toile?  What about a playful, unexpected graphic print? Here are a few I’m considering:

Available at Seattle’s Velocity Art and Design: The Aviary print by Thomas Paul, in Aqua.

Aviary print by Thomas Paul.

Ty Pennington has designed some great home dec fabrics.  Available on fabric.com.

Ty Pennington's Honeycomb fabric in Spice.

I heart Amy Butler’s fabric. Here’s one from her recent Soul Blossoms collection.

Amy Butler's Night Tree fabric in Lime Peel.

A classic, but colorful ticking stripe. On warmbiscuit.com.

Brown and light aqua ticking stripe.

Not sure which direction to go, but I’ll let you know when I decide! Email me  your input to paisleypine@gmail.com, or post it in a comment!

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