Off the Table

In my bedroom, there’s just no room for bedside tables.  The space has to function as a nursery, laundry room, and storage facility.  So, the only way to be able to read in bed and to have soft, ambient light, was to use wall sconces. Wall sconces are a good way to save space, and boy do I need every square inch of my bedroom. There are lots to choose from out there, but I wanted some that were a little on the contemporary side, with clean lines.   It was a must that they be ready to plug in, and not require wiring into the wall, since we are renting.  I must admit that I didn’t look too long or hard and was on a tight budget since baby was on the way. But I’m pleased with the style I chose, and they were super easy to install; a key factor since my belly was at its full glory when I hung them up!

I used a model from Ikea, which is apparently no longer available.  I can’t find it on their site, and I do not remember the name of it now.  Sorry about that! They were about $20 each and look great. They sort of give my bed a hotel feel, and I love the symmetry they add to the space. In retrospect, I sort of wish I had found something similar with a rubbed bronze finish, but no big deal.  They were not a big investment.

My bed with its pretty little sconces, and nowhere to set your book and water glass!
A closer view of these swanky Ikea wall lights!

Here are some other options that would add style and a warm cozy glow, while freeing up some table space.

A pair of these sconces by West Elm would look particualarly sophisticated flanking a sofa. A super deal at $99 each.

West Elm Drum Sconce

A super modern Johnthan Adler fixture would surely make a statement in a small, dark entryway. At

Lantern Ribbed Sconce for $177.10.

Simple and traditional, the Kingston Swing- Arm Sconce from Home Decorators. Available in four finishes with four shade colors options.

Kingston Sconce from Home Decorators. Just $69.

One Comment

  1. Love your apartment so much! Especially your cozy chic bedroom – the headboard makes it soft yet tailored and the sconces are so practical!

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