domino mag mourners: this is for you!

Rue Magazine Nov/Dec 2010 issue.

Thanks to my lovely and linked-in sister Aimee, I have discovered Rue Magazine.  It’s an online decorating and design magazine, really the first of its kind, and I am finding that it scratches the domino itch.  While nothing could ever truly replace the tactile experience of opening a new domino magazine, this online outpost comes close. It highlights of-the- moment decor trends, with the links to the items as you hover over the image. Because of it, I have discovered a couple of design blogs and been inspired by Rue’s great photography and the depth of their reporting.

There are a lot of things to like about this new medium, but I find that the size and color of the font is a bit hard on the eyes. Since their talented team has just two published issues under their belt, I am sure that the product will only improve.  I look forward to the next issue of Rue Magazine!

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