Good Paisley, Bad Paisley

There’s good paisley and there’s very bad paisley.  The kind I like, is the good paisley.  Bad paisley might be easier to come by though.  I’m thinking of faux silk paisley ties from 1990’s and the hideous corduroy paisley button-down shirt I wore in eighth grade.

Good paisley is out there. And I am  strictly speaking of  home decor now, not fashion.  This pattern has been around for centuries, and thanks to great designers, it gets revamped from time to time to complement contemporary decor.  In general, a simple and large-scale paisley pattern is the way to go. If used well, a great paisley print can add warmth and movement to a space. It layers well with other prints ranging from stripes to florals. Here are four examples of “good” paisley.

Robert Kime's Indian Pear fabric.
Ralph Lauren's Annelise Paisley wallpaper in Silver Leaf.
Nuance Rug by Kalista.


Pottery Barn's Arts and Crafts pillow covers.

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