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A Bed for Thomas

23 Sep

I just bought this twin bed on craigslist for $15! It needs a little love, but is is just the piece I was looking for! I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do to it, but I just know it’s going to turn out cute.  Any suggestions?

bed 2

bed 1

Bling for Your Kitchen?

8 Jul

Yes please! I just love the new trend of using antique mirror as a kitchen back splash. I think it adds just a hint of sophistication and loads of old world charm, without looking dated. Pair it with modern appliances and sleek cabinets to up the modern-rustic quotient, and I think you’ve got a winning combo. Equally suited for white caesar stone as honed black granite or polished concrete, an aged mirror back splash adds texture and warmth. This glass tile is difficult to source, but Ann Sacks  offers a couple of colorways in their Versailles collection.

Here are a few images that have inspired me.  If I was renovating my kitchen right this moment, I would be right on top of this trend!

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Making Plans

4 Feb

I’m starting to make plans for a few updates in the kitchen.  Here is what I won’t be changing: the floors, the counter tops and the appliances.What else is there, you say? Well, let me just fill you in:

I will be painting the walls, painting the cabinets, painting the buffet, adding hardware, shifting cabinets, bringing in a marble element, changing light fixtures and shelving…. It’s actually A LOT.

I’m on a tight budget and can’t do it all at once either, so the project will be broken down into lots of little tasks, the first of which is to paint the walls. I’d like to share a kitchen renovation from Cottage Living’s December 2008 issue, that has been haunting me for just that long. It’s pretty much exactly what I’d like my kitchen to look like someday. The floor plan is so similar to mine, and all of the changes seem so do-able, and not to expensive. It’s too bad CL has been out of business for the last four years, but thank goodness the photos could still be found online!  Anne Turner Carroll, I admire your classic and cozy style.

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As I said, I am starting with paint, and I’ll update you as I go! Hooray for a new project!

Sneak Peek: Chalkboard Photo Wall

31 Jan

I’ve been too busy for words lately, so here are a few photos of what I have done so far with the chalkboard wall in my office. I have plans to write captions with the photos and draw frames and designs too. I’m pleased with how cozy and intimate the room feels now with all of these familiar faces to look up at, and I like the texture and age that the chalk paint provides.

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Chalkboard Gallery Wall

2 Nov

I’m hatching a plan to create a photo gallery wall in the TV room.  I was initially thinking I would print some photos in the classic black and white, frame them and hang them above the TV. It would be a pretty simple project and I think it would look pretty good. It is also sort of boring. And, after my last visit home, I’ve got loads more photos, in their original vintage glory, that I want to incorporate. I’d like to do something a little less formal and a bit more fun. So, I’m thinking I’ll paint the wall with chalkboard paint, stick the photos up in random spots, and draw chalk frames around some, adhere vintage frames around others, and write captions or dates under them… What do you think?

I found a couple of great photos online to inspire me:

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