My Plan to Get Organized in 2016

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In Sunday’s Kitsap Sun, I wrote about a big purging of clutter in my basement. To me, it always feels so good to let go of unneeded, unloved and unwanted things, and it’s a great way to start the new year. I’ve also got lots of new posts over at my blog Creating Your Space. I hope you take some time to check them out, and that you are also inspired to clear the clutter out of your home!


Handmade Holiday Decorations

11 Dec wreath

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Here are links to Creating Your Space, to check out how to make these simple, beautiful and fun holiday decorations using vintage book pages. A wreath, a garland and a decoupaged seasonal message. I know the holidays are such busy times, but it is so nice to slow down and make something. These projects also translate into great gifts! Enjoy!


Tips for Organizing Toys, Junk Drawers and More

10 Nov IMG_0926


I’ve been a busy little organizer over at Creating Your Space again. Check out my latest posts on using vintage containers for organizing, ideas for getting a handle on all of your kids’ toys, and managing your kitchen junk drawer. Also, for subscribers, give my feature for the month a read on the Kitsap Sun’s website. I offer a bit of insight on why using vintage furniture is a good thing, and some great ways to incorporate vintage furnishings into your home decor, thereby adding character and history to your home.



23 Oct IMG_0799

I’ve posted over at Creating Your Space today, my design blog for the Kitsap Sun. I hope you’ll get inspired to utilize your under-bed area, with the LEGO table I designed for my four-year-old.  Also, Home Goods is opening in Silverdale on Sunday, and I plan on checking it out. Maybe I’ll see you there! Enjoy the weekend!

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Paper Mache Letters and More…

13 Oct IMG_1667

I’ve been busy over at Creating Your Space. Check out the new posts here, on different ways to embellish paper mache letters, a rich fall color combination, and more!




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